Child Centre Method Consultations

Learning and Behaviour Programme® for Children

Ongoing support will always be available whilst training to do the Child Centre Method but sometimes you may want extra help or support. There are various services on offer that can support you as a practitioner or a student or as a client.


One to one Skype personal/private tuition or mentoring to support ongoing learning as a student – 90 minutes for £80.00

To become the best therapist for children and attune them to their full potential you need to first become the therapist to your inner child and do the inner work and attune to your full potential. One to one Skype consultations can support your work as a practitioner and is an opportunity to discuss issues arising in clinic, personal development and awareness – 90 minutes for £80.00

Or issues such as:

  • How have I been unconsciously holding myself back from becoming all that I am?
  • What belief systems or fear has kept me from achieving all that I can?
  • What is my highest vision for 2017 that I wish to begin resonating to so I can bring into my experience?
  • How will I create the necessary internal shift so that it is easier to attract abundance and clients in 2017?

Book three sessions for skype 200.00 to be used as and when necessary


One to one Child Centre Method assessments for children either in England and Ireland -£120.00

Full day Intensive for children in England – £360.00. This includes a full assessment and two intensive sessions and general advice and developmental exercises.


Full day of intensive mentoring -£450.00

  • Unique opportunity to immerse yourself in CCM with personal mentoring to do your own inner child work
  • Designed to accelerate and elevate you both professionally and personally
  • Increase confidence and proficiency
  • Identify and transform blocks/beliefs/limitations
  • Revision of CCM material if required
  • One to one coaching (business/personal)
  • Ongoing email support
  • Board and lodging included for one night at the Coach House. Please see below
  • Leeds/Bradford airport is about forty minutes. Pick up and drop included

Coach House

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